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Geometry of $\nu$-Tamari lattices in types $A$ and $B$

Cesar Ceballos, Arnau Padrol and Camilo Eduardo Sarmiento Cortés


In this paper, we exploit the combinatorics and geometry of triangulations of products of simplices to derive new results in the context of Catalan combinatorics of $\nu$-Tamari lattices.

In our framework, the main role of "Catalan objects" is played by $(I,\overline{J})$-trees: bipartite trees associated to a pair $(I,\overline{J})$ of finite index sets that stand in simple bijection with lattice paths weakly above a lattice path $\nu=\nu(I,\overline{J})$.

Such trees label the maximal simplices of a triangulation whose dual polyhedral complex gives a geometric realization of the $\nu$-Tamari lattice introduced by Prévile-Ratelle and Viennot. In particular, we obtain geometric realizations of $m$-Tamari lattices as polyhedral subdivisions of associahedra induced by an arrangement of tropical hyperplanes, giving a positive answer to an open question of F. Bergeron.

The simplicial complex underlying our triangulation endows the $\nu$-Tamari lattice with a full simplicial complex structure. It is a natural generalization of the classical simplicial associahedron, alternative to the rational associahedron of Armstrong, Rhoades and Williams, whose $h$-vector entries are given by a suitable generalization of the Narayana numbers.

Our methods are amenable to cyclic symmetry, which we use to present type $B$ analogues of our constructions. Notably, we define a partial order that generalizes the type $B$ Tamari lattice, introduced independently by Thomas and Reading, along with corresponding geometric realizations.

Nov 29, 2016
Nov 30, 2016
MSC Codes:
05E45, 05E10, 52B45, 52B22
Tamari lattice, Associahedron, Cyclohedron, Triangulations

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2017 Journal Open Access
Cesar Ceballos, Arnau Padrol and Camilo Sarmiento

Geometry of \(\nu\)-Tamari lattices in types \(A\) and \(B\)

In: Séminaire lotharingien de combinatoire, 78B (2017), p. 68