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Remote Creation of Quantum Coherence

Teng Ma, Ming-Jing Zhao, Shao-Ming Fei and Gui-Lu Long


We study remote creation of coherence (RCC) for a quantum system A with the help of quantum operations on another system B and one way classical communication. We show that all the non-incoherent quantum states are useful for RCC and all the incoherent-quantum states are not. The necessary and sufficient conditions of RCC for the quantum operations on system B are presented for pure states. The upper bound of average RCC is derived, giving a relation among the entanglement (concurrence), the RCC of the given quantum state and the RCC of the corresponding maximally entangled state. Moreover, for two-qubit systems we find a simple factorization law for the average remote created coherence.


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2016 Repository Open Access
Teng Ma, Ming-Jing Zhao, Shao-Ming Fei and Gui-Lu Long

Remote creation of quantum coherence

In: Physical review / A, 94 (2016) 4, p. 042312