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Superforms and Tropical Cohomology

Kristin Shaw


These notes are a summary of my talk given at the Simons Symposium on Non-Archimedean and Tropical Geometry in May 2017. In this talk I presented joint work with Philipp Jell and Jascha Smacka relating the Dolbeault cohomology of superforms and tropical cohomology for polyhedral spaces [JSS15]. My talk was preceded by the talk of Ilia Itenberg on Tropical homology and Betti numbers of real algebraic varieties and followed by a talk of Yifeng Liu on Tropical Dolbeault cohomology of non-Archimedean spaces. I would like thank the organizers, Matt Baker and Sam Payne, for inviting me to speak at this meeting, as well as the Simons Foundation for their support of this event.


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Superforms and tropical cohomology