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The super-Toda system and bubbling of spinors

Jürgen Jost, Chunqin Zhou and Miaomiao Zhu


We introduce the super-Toda system on Riemann surfaces and study the blow-up analysis for a sequence of solutions to the super-Toda system on a closed Riemann surface with uniformly bounded energy. In particular, we show the energy identities for the spinor parts of a blow-up sequence of solutions for which there are possibly four types of bubbling solutions, namely, finite energy solutions of the super-Liouville equation or the super-Toda system defined on $\mathbb{R}^2$ or on $\mathbb{R}^2 \setminus \{0\}$. This is achieved by showing some new energy gap results for the spinor parts of these four types of bubbling solutions.

super-Toda system, blow-up, energy identity, concentration compactness

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2019 Repository Open Access
Jürgen Jost, Chunqin Zhou and Miaomiao Zhu

The super-Toda system and bubbling of spinors

In: Journal of functional analysis, 276 (2019) 2, pp. 410-446