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K3 Polytopes and their Quartic Surfaces

Gabriele Baletti, Bernd Sturmfels and Marta Panizzut


K3 polytopes appear in complements of tropical quartic surfaces. They are dual to regular unimodular central triangulations of reflexive polytopes in the fourth dilation of the standard tetrahedron. Exploring these combinatorial objects, we classify K3 polytopes with up to 30 vertices. Their number is 36297333. We study the singular loci of quartic surfaces that tropicalize to K3 polytopes. These surfaces are stable in the sense of Geometric Invariant Theory.


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2021 Repository Open Access
Gabriele Baletti, Marta Panizzut and Bernd Sturmfels

K3 polytopes and their quartic surfaces

In: Advances in geometry, 21 (2021) 1, pp. 85-98