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Quantum version of Wielandt's Inequality revisited

Mateusz Michałek and Yaroslav Shitov


Consider a linear space $L$ of complex $D$-dimensional linear operators, and assume that some power $L^k$ of $L$ is the whole space of $D\times D$ matrices. Perez-Garcia, Verstraete, Wolf and Cirac conjectured that the sequence $L^1,L^2,\dots$ stablilizes after $O(D^2)$ terms; we prove that this happens after $O(D^2 \log(D))$ terms, improving the previously known bound of $O(D^4)$.


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2019 Repository Open Access
Mateusz Michałek and Yaroslav Shitov

Quantum version of Wielandt's inequality revisited

In: IEEE transactions on information theory, 65 (2019) 8, pp. 5239-5242