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Computing Convex Hulls of Trajectories

Andreas Löhne, Daniel Ciripoi, Nidhi Kaihnsa and Bernd Sturmfels


We study the convex hulls of trajectories of polynomial dynamical systems. Such trajectories include real algebraic curves. The boundaries of the resulting convex bodies are stratified into families of faces. We present numerical algorithms for identifying these patches. An implementation based on the software Bensolve Tools is given. This furnishes a key step in computing attainable regions of chemical reaction networks.


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2019 Journal Open Access
Daniel Ciripoi, Nidhi Kaihnsa, Andreas Löhne and Bernd Sturmfels

Computing convex hulls of trajectories

In: Revista de la Unión Matemática Argentina, 60 (2019) 2, pp. 637-662