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Complete quadrics: Schubert calculus for Gaussian models and semidefinite programming

Laurent Manivel, Mateusz Michałek, Leonid Monin, Tim Seynnaeve and Martin Vodička


We establish connections between: the maximum likelihood degree (ML-degree) for linear concentration models, the algebraic degree of semidefinite programming (SDP), and Schubert calculus for complete quadrics. We prove a conjecture by Sturmfels and Uhler on the polynomiality of the ML-degree. We also prove a conjecture by Nie, Ranestad and Sturmfels providing an explicit formula for the degree of SDP. The interactions between the three fields shed new light on the asymptotic behaviour of enumerative invariants for the variety of complete quadrics. We also extend these results to spaces of general matrices and of skew-symmetric matrices.

Dec 2, 2020
Dec 24, 2020
MSC Codes:
62R01, 14M17, 14N10
maximum likelihood degree, degree of semidefinite programming, complete quadrics, enumerative geometry, polynomiality

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2023 Repository Open Access
Laurent Manivel, Leonid Monin, Mateusz Michałek, Tim Seynnaeve and Martin Vodička

Complete quadrics : Schubert calculus for Gaussian models and semidefinite programming

In: Journal of the European Mathematical Society, (2023)