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On the Generation of Rank $3$ Simple Matroids with an Application to Terao's Freeness Conjecture

Mohamed Barakat, Reimer Behrends, Christopher Jefferson, Lukas Kühne and Martin Leuner


In this paper, we describe a parallel algorithm for generating all non-isomorphic rank $3$ simple matroids with a given multiplicity vector.
We apply our implementation in the HPC version of GAP to generate all rank $3$ simple matroids with at most $14$ atoms and an integrally splitting characteristic polynomial.
We have stored the resulting matroids alongside with various useful invariants in a publicly available, ArangoDB-powered database.
As a byproduct, we show that the smallest divisionally free rank $3$ arrangement which is not inductively free has $14$ hyperplanes and exists in all characteristics distinct from $2$ and $5$.
Another database query proves that Terao's freeness conjecture is true for rank $3$ arrangements with $14$ hyperplanes in any characteristic.

MSC Codes:
05B35, 52C35, 32S22, 68R05, 68W10
rank $3$ simple matroids, integrally splitting characteristic polynomial, Terao's freeness conjecture, recursive iterator, noSQL database

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2021 Repository Open Access
Mohamed Barakat, Reimer Behrends, Christoper Jefferson, Lukas Kühne and Martin Leuner

On the generation of rank 3 simple matroids with an application to Terao' freeness conjecture

In: SIAM journal on discrete mathematics, 35 (2021) 2, pp. 1201-1223