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Enumerating chambers of hyperplane arrangements with symmetry

Taylor Brysiewicz, Holger Eble and Lukas Kühne


We introduce a new algorithm for enumerating chambers of hyperplane arrangements which exploits their underlying symmetry groups. Our algorithm counts the chambers of an arrangement as a byproduct of computing its characteristic polynomial. We showcase our julia implementation, based on OSCAR, on examples coming from hyperplane arrangements with applications to physics and computer science.

Jun 1, 2021
Jun 4, 2021
MSC Codes:
52C35, 52B15
hyperplane arrangement, Chambers, Symmetry reduction

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2023 Journal Open Access
Taylor Brysiewicz, Holger Eble and Lukas Kühne

Computing characteristic polynomials of hyperplane arrangements with symmetries

In: Discrete and computational geometry, (2023)