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Variational Approach to Regularity of Optimal Transport Maps: General Cost Functions

Felix Otto, Maxime Prod'homme and Tobias Ried


We extend the variational approach to regularity for optimal transport maps initiated by Goldman and the first author to the case of general cost functions. Our main result is an $\epsilon$-regularity result for optimal transport maps between Hölder continuous densities slightly more quantitative than the result by De Philippis-Figalli. One of the new contributions is the use of almost-minimality: if the cost is quantitatively close to the Euclidean cost function, a minimizer for the optimal transport problem with general cost is an almost-minimizer for the one with quadratic cost. This further highlights the connection between our variational approach and De Giorgi's strategy for $\epsilon$-regularity of minimal surfaces.

MSC Codes:
49Q22, 35B65, 53C21
Optimal transportation, epsilon-regularity, partial regularity, General cost functions, Almost-minimality

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2021 Journal Open Access
Felix Otto, Maxime Prod'homme and Tobias Ried

Variational approach to regularity of optimal transport maps : general cost functions

In: Annals of PDE, 7 (2021) 2, p. 17