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Selfadhesivity in Gaussian conditional independence structures

Tobias Boege


Selfadhesivity is a property of entropic polymatroids which can be formulated as gluability conditions of the polymatroid to an identical copy of itself along arbitrary restrictions and such that the two pieces are independent given the common restriction.

We show that positive definite matrices satisfy this condition as well and examine consequences for Gaussian conditional independence structures. New axioms of Gaussian CI are obtained by applying selfadhesivity to the previously known axioms of structural semigraphoids and orientable gaussoids.

May 17, 2022
May 17, 2022
MSC Codes:
62R01, 62B10, 15A29, 05B20
selfadhesivity, adhesive extension, positive definite matrix, Conditional Independence, structural semigraphoid, orientable gaussoid

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Tobias Boege

Selfadhesivity in Gaussian conditional independence structures

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