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Moduli Space Tilings and Lie-Theoretic Color Factors

Nick Early


A detailed understanding of the moduli spaces $X(k,n)$ of $n$ points in projective $k-1$ space is essential to the investigation of generalized biadjoint scalar amplitudes, as discovered by Cachazo, Early, Guevara and Mizera (CEGM) in 2019. But in math, conventional wisdom says that it is completely hopeless due to the arbitrarily high complexity of realization spaces of oriented matroids. In this paper, we nonetheless find a path forward.

We present a Lie-theoretic realization of color factors for color-dressed generalized biadjoint scalar amplitudes, formulated in terms of certain tilings of the real moduli space $X(k,n)$ and collections of logarithmic differential forms, resolving an important open question from recent work by Cachazo, Early and Zhang. The main idea is to replace the realization space decomposition of $X(k,n)$ with a large class of overlapping tilings whose topologies are individually relatively simple. So we obtain a collection of color-dressed amplitudes, each of which satisfies $U(1)$ decoupling separately. The essential complexity reemerges when they are all superposed.

Oct 23, 2023
Oct 23, 2023

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Nick Early

Moduli space tilings and Lie-theoretic color factors