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Parameterized coherence measure

Meng-Li Guo, Zhi-Xiang Jin, Jin-Min Liang, Bo Li and Shao-Ming Fei


Quantifying coherence is an essential endeavor for both quantum mechanical foundations and quantum technologies. We present a bona fide measure of quantum coherence by utilizing the Tsallis relative operator $(\alpha, \beta)$-entropy. We first prove that the proposed coherence measure fulfills all the criteria of a well defined coherence measure, including the strong monotonicity in the resource theories of quantum coherence. We then study the ordering of the Tsallis relative operator $(\alpha, \beta)$-entropy of coherence, Tsallis relative $\alpha$-entropies of coherence, Rényi $\alpha$-entropy of coherence and $l_{1}$ norm of coherence for both pure and mixed qubit states.

This provides a new method for defining new coherence measure and entanglement measure, and also provides a new idea for further study of quantum coherence.


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2023 Journal Open Access
Meng-Li Guo, Zhi-Xiang Jin, Jin-Min Liang, Bo Li and Shao-Ming Fei

Parameterized coherence measure

In: Results in physics, 51 (2023), p. 106611