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Lecture Note

Lectures on Supergravity

Friedemann Brandt


The text is an essentially self-contained introduction to four-dimensional N=1 supergravity, including its couplings to super Yang-Mills and chiral matter multiplets, for readers with basic knowledge of standard gauge theories and general relativity. Emphasis is put on showing how supergravity fits in the general framework of gauge theories and how it can be derived from a tensor calculus for gauge theories of a standard form.

1. Introduction
2. Gauge symmetries in the jet space approach
3. D=4, N=1 pure supergravity
4. Tensor calculus for standard gauge theories
5. Off-shell formulations of D=4, N=1 supergravity with matter
A. Lorentz algebra, spinors, Grassmann parity
B. Explicit verification of local supersymmetry

Apr 3, 2002
Apr 3, 2002