MiS Preprint Repository

We have decided to discontinue the publication of preprints on our preprint server as of 1 March 2024. The publication culture within mathematics has changed so much due to the rise of repositories such as ArXiV ( that we are encouraging all institute members to make their preprints available there. An institute's repository in its previous form is, therefore, unnecessary. The preprints published to date will remain available here, but we will not add any new preprints here.

Lecture Note

A journey in the world of geometry and algebra: Lecture 1.

Noémie Combe


The goal of these short introductory lecture notes to algebra, geometry, algebraic-geometry and diophantine geometry is to help students coming from different backgrounds to master some basic concepts in these branches. The philosophy of this lecture is to put some emphasis on spatial geometric visualisation and geometric creativity. These are necessary tools for creating visionary strategies addressing important questions, whether it is in applied mathematics or pure mathematics. This is a sample (chapter 1) of my lecture, inspired from the one done at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in Sciences.