Preprint 44/1998

Synchronized chaos and other coherent states for two coupled neurons

Frank Pasemann

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Submission date: 21. Oct. 1998
Pages: 21
published in: Physica / D, 128 (1999) 2-4, p. 236-249 
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The parametrized time-discrete dynamics of two recurrently coupled chaotic neurons is investigated. Basic dynamical features of this system are demonstrated for symmetric couplings of identical neurons. Periodic as well as chaotic orbits constrained to a manifold M of synchronized states are observed. Parameter domains for locally stable synchronization manifolds M are determined by numerical simulations. In addition to the synchronized dynamics there often co-exist periodic, quasiperiodic and even chaotic attractors representing different kinds of non-synchronous coherent dynamics. Simulation results for selected sets of parameters are presented, and synchronization conditions for systems with non-identical neurons are derived. Also these more general systems inherit the above mentioned dynamical properties.

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