Preprint 22/2001

Superstring BRST cohomology

Friedemann Brandt, Alexander Kling, and Maximilian Kreuzer

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Submission date: 18. Apr. 2001
Pages: 46
published in: Journal of high energy physics (2001) August, art-no. 023 (online)
DOI number (of the published article): 10.1088/1126-6708/2001/08/023
PACS-Numbers: 11.25.-w, 11.30.Pb
Keywords and phrases: superstring, brst cohomology
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We first derive all world-sheet action functionals for NSR superstring models with local (1,1) supersymmetry and any number of abelian gauge fields. The result includes the well-known superstring action in a general background, as well as locally supersymmetric D-string actions of Born-Infeld type. Then we prove for these models that the BRST cohomology groups Hg(s), g < 4 are isomorphic to those of the corresponding bosonic string models, whose cohomology is fully known. This implies that the nontrivial global symmetries, Noether currents, backgroundcharges, consistent deformations and candidate gauge anomalies of an NSR (1,1) superstring model are in one-to-one correspondence to their bosonic counterparts.

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