Non linear residually finite hyperbolic groups

  • Konstantinos Tsouvalas (MPI MiS, Leipzig)
Seminargebäude 213 Universität Leipzig (Leipzig)


Gromov hyperbolic groups were introduced by Gromov in the 80s as a generalization of the class of fundamental groups of closed negatively curved Riemannian manifolds. A fundamental open question in geometric group theory is whether all hyperbolic groups are residually finite, and if such examples exist, they are necessarily non-linear. In this talk, I will describe a construction of the first known examples of non-linear hyperbolic groups which are residually finite. This is joint work with Nicolas Tholozan.

12/8/22 4/18/24

Seminar on Algebra and Combinatorics

Universität Leipzig Augusteum - A314

Mirke Olschewski

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