Toric geometry and maximum likelihood estimation in quasi-independence models

  • Niharika Paul (MPI MiS, Leipzig)
Augusteum - A314 Universität Leipzig (Leipzig)


We investigate the toric fibre product (TFP) structure of a family of log-linear statistical models called quasi-independence models. This is useful for understanding the geometry of parameter inference in these models because the maximum likelihood degree is multiplicative under the TFP. We define the notion of a coordinate toric fibre product, or cTFP, and give necessary and sufficient conditions under which a quasi-independence model is a cTFP of lower-order models. Our main result is that the vanishing ideal of every 2-way quasi-independence model with ML-degree 1 can be realised as an iterated toric fibre product of linear ideals.

Joint work with Jane Coons and Heather Harrington.

08.12.22 18.04.24

Seminar on Algebra and Combinatorics

Universität Leipzig Augusteum - A314

Mirke Olschewski

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