MEGA 2024 - Practical information

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MEGA 2024 will take place in two different venues, located about 15 minutes of walking distance apart from each other. The locations are


  • University of Leipzig
  • Augustusplatz 10, 04109 Leipzig
  • Felix-Klein-Hörsaal P501 P5.014 (fifth floor)


  • Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences
  • Inselstrasse 22, 04103 Leipzig
  • Leibniz Saal E1 05 (first floor)

In case you are not able to walk and would like to switch venues, please contact the local organizers so that a taxi can be arranged.

Where to go on Monday morning

In order not to overcrowd either of the venues, we ask that participants whose last name starts with A-L pick up their name tag at UNI, and those with last name starting on M-Z go to MPI. Registration will be open from 8AM at both venues.

On the program

The program consists of plenary lectures, contributed talks, software presentations and a poster session, see all in the program.

Plenary lectures will be held at UNI, and broadcasted to MPI. It is also possible to attend on Zoom.

The password for this Zoom link will be communicated via e-mail during the week before the conference. It will be possible to ask questions remotely from MPI.

Contributed lectures and software presentations will be held in parallel sessions at UNI and MPI. The program allows to switch venues between plenary and parallel sessions. However, we recommend that each participant who wishes to attend the plenary lecture in person does so in the venue where they wish to attend the parallel session.

The poster session will be held on Tuesday afternoon in the Foyer of the main university building, Augustusplatz 10, 04109 Leipzig. Food and drinks will be provided. Poster presenters will receive instructions for printing and setting up their posters via e-mail.

Coffee and lunch

There will be coffee, fruit and cookies at both venues during coffee breaks. Lunch is not provided. See map and list with some restaurants and snack points near the venues.

Social activities

Wednesday afternoon is free. We will communicate several options for discovering Leipzig in due time.

On Thursday evening, we organize a picnic in one of the parks of Leipzig. Everyone brings their own food and drinks. Local participants will guide you towards the park, and make a stop at a supermarket for those who need to buy something. More details will follow.

Discussion rooms

We have reserved several discussion rooms at both venues. In case you need access to such a room, please contact a local organizer or local participant.

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