Angkana Rüland Awarded Prestigious New Horizons Prize

Published 15.09.2023

Angkana Rüland outdoors next to a blackboard featuring a coordinate system
© University of Bonn/Gregor Hübl

In recognition of her outstanding work on applied analysis, our former group leader Angkana Rüland is to be presented with the New Horizons Prize, a high-caliber award by the Breakthrough Prize Foundation. Angkana has strong ties to our institute, having led a Max Planck Research Group for three years. At present, she holds a renowned Hausdorff Chair at the University of Bonn.

Angkana Rüland has made substantial contributions to the fields of applied analysis and inverse problems. Her research on microstructures in phase transitions advanced the mathematical understanding of shape-memory alloys. She also published influential results on Calderón's inverse problem and its nonlocal versions, with practical applications in medical imaging. We are delighted that Angkana's exceptional work has been recognized with this outstanding accolade. The $100,000 prize is a testament to her talent and innovation during and beyond her time here at MiS. We offer our warmest congratulations on this well-deserved achievement.