Felix Otto receives the Cantor Medal

Published June 26, 2024

Our Director Felix Otto will receive the 2024 Cantor Medal by the German Mathematical Society (DMV). This honoring was recently decided unanimously by the DMV Executive Committee, following the recommendation of an external selection committee. The Cantor Medal is the most prestigious scientific award of the DMV. It is usually presented every two years and comes with a prize of 4,000 euros. The focus is on the extraordinary reputation of the honoree.

"The DMV Executive Committee honors Felix Otto's outstanding scientific achievements with the Cantor Medal. His work is of exceptional depth and has the highest impact on the fields of analysis and partial differential equations," said DMV President Joachim Escher in his statement. " I extend my heartfelt congratulations to Felix Otto on receiving the Cantor Medal!"

You can find detailed information in the press release by the German Mathematical Society DMV (in German).