Daniel Spitz joins leadership program of DPG

Published May 27, 2024

Our postdoc Daniel Spitz has been appointed to the “Leading for Tomorrow” program by the German Physical Society (DPG) – a unique and promising leadership training program for young physicists. Congratulations!

With “Leading for Tomorrow”, the DPG offers a training program that imparts skills for leadership and management positions. Physicists are in demand in numerous sectors and professions, but studying physics prepares little for personnel management and leadership. “Leading for Tomorrow” aims to fill this gap. Managing large research units and institutes requires knowledge that is also necessary for management positions in industry. Consequently, the program targets two groups: future science managers and executives in industry and business.

The program focuses on developing fundamental skills in leadership and management as well as self-management, providing insights into leadership and management in universities, research institutions, and companies, and developing a career perspective based on one's own strengths and motivation. The program aims to familiarize young physicists with basic leadership tasks and help them reflect on which roles in science management or industry they are suited for.

For Daniel Spitz, a postdoctoral researcher in Anna Wienhard's group, the training will begin in June with a two-day workshop. “Many challenges on the path towards mathematical and physical progress can only be resolved through interpersonal exchange and successful leadership. Against this background, I'm very pleased to be accepted into the “Leading for Tomorrow” program of the DPG, which constitutes a unique and promising leadership training program for young physicists,” he explains.