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Describing how fluids flow – Tristan Buckmaster appointed Professor at University of Maryland

Published 16.01.2023

Congratulations and best wishes go to our former IMPRS student Tristan Buckmaster who has to announce a great career step. In July last year he was appointed Professor of Mathematics at the University of Maryland.

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In 2014, Tristan Buckmaster defended his PhD thesis on the Onsager's conjecture with summa cum laude which opened him an auspicious scientific career. He moved to the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences New York as Courant Instructor, followed by an Assistant Professorship at the Department of Mathematics of Princeton University, and a sabbatical at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton.

In 2019, Tristan was honored with the Clay Research Award for his groundbreaking contributions to the analysis of partial differential equations, particularly his work on non-uniqueness of weak solutions to the Navier-Stokes equations, a result in line with research instigated in his doctoral work.

Tristan has also contributed foundational work in the developing a mathematically rigorous theory of wave turbulence. This work in part led to the creation of a large international collaboration of mathematicians and physicists on wave turbulence, funded by the Simons Foundation.

A more recent research focus of Tristan is the study of singularity formation in fluids. Tristan Buckmaster and his colleagues have developed a new approach to tackle some of these centuries-old problems, applying concepts from machine learning.

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