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Felix Otto - Invited Lectures

2000 SIAM Materials Science (plenary speaker)
2001 GAMM (plenary speaker)
2002 ICM (sectional speaker)
2004 Applied Mathematics Seminar, Collège de France; Charles Amick Memorial Lecturer, Chicago; Stieltjes Visiting Professor, Netherlands
2006 Aziz Lecturer, Maryland
2007 ICIAM (plenary lecture); Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Scienes (Distinguished Chair)
2008 European Congress of Mathematics (plenary lecture)
2009 Gauss lecture Magdeburg; SIAM conference on analysis of partial differential equations (plenary lecture)
2010 Gergen Lectures, Duke Univ.
2011 SIAM Dynamical Systems (plenary speaker); Ordway Lectures, University of Minneapolis
2012 Hadamard Lectures, Paris; Ziwet Lectures, University of Michigan
2013 Equadiff, Prag, plenary lecture
2013 Marker Lecture Series, The Pennsylvania State University
2014 Hypatie seminar, Lyon
2014 Nederlands Mathematisch Congres, Delft, plenary lecture
2014 Clay Senior Scholar-in-Residence, Park City
2014 Conference on Stochastic Processes and their Applications, Buenos Aires, plenary lecture
2015/2016 Jan-March Schlumberger Chair for mathematical sciences at IHES Paris
2015 Conference Jacques-Louis Lions, Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions, Paris
2016 SIAM Conference on Mathematical Aspects of Material Science, Philadelphia, Invited lecture
2016 XVI International Conference on Hyperbolic Problems: Theory, Numerics, Applications at RWTH Aachen; plenary lecture
2016 A Mathematical Tribute to Ennio De Giorgi, Pisa, invited talk
2016 Colloquium, Cardiff University
2016 Colloquium, IST Austria
2017 Feb-March Visiting Professor, University of Rome 'La Sapienza'
2017 Calculus of Variations and Optimal Transportation: An international conference in the honor of Yann Brenier for his 60th birthday, IHP Paris; plenary lecture
2017 Special TRR lecture (of the collaborative research center CRC TRR 146), Universität Mainz
2017 Nonlinear PDEs, stochastic control and filtering: new methods and applications: In honour of the 75th birthday of Nicolai Krylov; plenary lecture
2017 Leonardo Da Vinci Lecture, Universitá di Milano
2018 Conference in honor of Leonid Berlyand's 60th birthday
2018 Colloquium, ETH Zürich
2018 Festival of Bonn Mathematics, Hausdorff Center U Bonn
2019 Dynamics, Equations and Applications (DEA), Kraków, plenary lecture
2019 AMMP Colloquium, Imperial College London
2020 Distinguished lecture series at UCLA
2020 Annual meeting of the Italian school of calculus of variations, Levico Terme, invited talk
2020 Meeting of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society, invited lecture
2020 Nachdiplom-Vorlesung 'Stochastic Homoganization', ETH Zurich
2021 DiPerna Lecture, University of California, Berkeley
2021 Richard von Mises Lecture, HU Berlin
2022 ICM satellite conference, Helsinki, plenary speaker
2022 ESI Medal Ceremony for Martin Hairer, Vienna, invited talk
2023 SSM Scientific Colloquium, Naples
2023 Tor Vergata Rom, Colloquium
2023 FAU Erlangen, Colloquium
2023 Invited lecture at the Conference on probability and stochastic analysis, Beijing
2024 Colloquium talk at Institut Élie Cartan de Lorraine, Nancy