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Quantum steerability based on jointly measurability

Zhi-Hua Chen, Xiangjun Ye and Shao-Ming Fei


Lying in between entanglement and Bell nonlocality, the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen (EPR) steering has received increasing attention in recent years. To characterize the EPR-steering, many criteria have been proposed and experimentally implemented. Nevertheless, only a few results are given to quantify the steerability with analytical results.

In this work, we propose a method to quantify the steerability for two-qubit quantum states in the two-setting EPR-steering senario, by using the connection between joint measurability and the steerability.

We derive the analytical formula of the steerability for a class of X-states. The sufficient and necessary conditions for two-setting EPR-steering are presented.

Based on these results, a class of asymmetric states: one-way steerable states are obtained.


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2017 Journal Open Access
Zhi-Hua Chen, Xiangjun Ye and Shao-Ming Fei

Quantum steerability based on joint measurability

In: Scientific reports, 7 (2017), p. 15822