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Solving p-adic Polynomial Systems via Iterative Eigenvector Algorithms.

Avinash Kulkarni


In this article, we describe an implementation of a polynomial system solver to compute the approximate solutions of a 0-dimensional polynomial system with finite precision p-adic arithmetic. We also describe an improvement to an algorithm of Caruso, Roe, and Vaccon for calculating the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a p-adic matrix.

Jul 14, 2019
Aug 6, 2019
MSC Codes:
15A18, 11S05
p-adic linear algebra, solving polynomial systems, eigenvector algorithms

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2022 Journal Open Access
Avinash Kulkarni

Solving p-adic polynomial systems via iterative eigenvector algorithms

In: Linear and multilinear algebra, 70 (2022) 4, pp. 650-671