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Webinar Analysis, Quantum Fields & Probability

This webinar series is aimed at people interested in analytical aspects of quantum field theory, probability theory, (stochastic) PDE, quantum statistical mechanics, or related topics. It will be held on a monthly basis, see below for the schedule. If you have a suggestion for a speaker or an interesting topic (with several potential speakers), please contact one of the organizers.

Recordings of past seminars are available on the YouTube channel of the webinar.

Previous Events

09.03.23 Wojciech de Roeck (KU Leuven)
Classification of short-range entangled quantum states and pumping processes
10.11.22 Paweł Duch (Poznan)
Weak universality and singular stochastic PDEs
13.10.22 Wei Wu (NYU Shanghai)
Massless phases for the Villain model in d>=3
14.07.22 Kasia Rejzner (University of York)
Symmetries in (perturbative) algebraic quantum field theory
09.06.22 Bjoern Bringmann (IAS Princeton)
Invariant Gibbs measures for the three-dimensional cubic nonlinear wave equation
12.05.22 Massimiliano Gubinelli (Universität Bonn)
What is stochastic quantization?
07.04.22 Alexander Stottmeister (Leibniz Universität Hannover)
On the scaling limit of the Ising anyon chain
24.03.22 Alessandro Giuliani (Università degli Studi Roma Tre)
Renormalization at all orders for lattice infrared QED4 with massless electron
10.02.22 Simone Warzel (TU München)
Recent progress in quantum spin glasses
13.01.22 Yoshiko Ogata (The University of Tokyo)
An invariant of symmetry protected topological phases with on-site finite group symmetry for two-dimensional Fermion systems
09.12.21 Tom Kennedy (University of Arizona)
Renormalization group maps for Ising models and tensor networks
11.11.21 Sourav Chatterjee (Stanford University)
Some progress on 3D Yang-Mills
14.10.21 Abdelmalek Abdesselam (University of Virginia)
Exploring conformal invariance with hierarchical models
01.07.21 Andras Vasy (Stanford University)
The Feynman propagator and its positivity properties
10.06.21 Hendrik Weber (University of Bath)
Gibbs measures in infinite dimensions - Some new results on a classical topic
08.04.21 Thomas Faulkner (University of Illinois)
Algebraic approach to quantum error correction and the AdS/CFT correspondence
11.03.21 Roberto Longo (Roma “Tor Vergata”)
The massive modular Hamiltonian
11.02.21 Laszlo Erdös
Eigenstate thermalisation hypothesis and functional CLT for Wigner matrices
14.01.21 Marcello Porta (SISSA)
Anomaly non-renormalization in interacting Weyl semimetals
10.12.20 Michael Aizenman (Princeton University)
Marginal triviality of the scaling limits of 4D critical Ising and Phi^4 models
12.11.20 Vincent Vargas (ENS)
Liouville conformal field theory: equivalence between the path integral and the bootstrap construction
08.10.20 Slava Rychkov (IHES)
CFT Osterwalder-Schrader Theorem
17.09.20 Thierry Bodineau (École Polytechnique)
Log-Sobolev inequality for the continuum sine-Gordon model
09.07.20 Jürg Fröhlich (ETH Zürich)
Results on Interacting Bose Gases

Scientific Organizers

Roland Bauerschmidt

University of Cambridge

Stefan Hollands

Leipzig University & MPI MiS Leipzig

Christoph Kopper

Ecole Polytechnique Paris

Antti Kupiainen

University of Helsinki

Felix Otto

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