MPI MIS Phonebook

To reach people from the Max Planck Institute by phone you must call +49 (0) 341- 9959 - EXT (for extension see table below).
To send a fax please use +49 (0) 341- 9959 -  658

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Surname, first nameEmailPhoneOfficeHomepage
Achilles, ChristophEmail: Christoph.Achilles672D3 01 
Adams, ZacharyEmail: Zachary.Adams549B3 08 
Agostini, DanieleEmail: Daniele.Agostini680F3 14personal, external
Ait El Manssour, RidaEmail: Rida.Manssour759F3 05external
Assimos Martins, RenanEmail: Renan.Assimos520A3 05personal
Ay, NihatEmail: Nihat.Ay547A3 13personal, external
Baier, KatarzynaEmail: Katarzyna.Baier702E3 01 
Banerjee, Pradeep KumarEmail: Pradeep.Banerjee884G4 13 
Banisch, SvenEmail: Sven.Banisch536A3 09group
Baradat, AymericEmail: Aymeric.Baradat956F2 05personal, external
Barth, LukasEmail: Lukas.Barth570B3 08group
Berger, Roger 5615B3 05 
Berger, JennyEmail: Jenny.Berger706E3 02 
Bik, ArthurEmail: Arthur.Bik791F3 15group, personal
Brandenburg, Marie-CharlotteEmail: Marie.Brandenburg789F3 15external, external
Braun, LisaEmail: gaestehaus678D3 10 
Bréchet, PierreEmail: Pierre.Brechet887G4 01 
Brüggemann, IngoEmail: Ingo.Brueggemann701E3 03 
Brysiewicz, TaylorEmail: Taylor.Brysiewicz822G3 07external
Cao, WentaoEmail: Wentao.Cao666---- 
Castillo, FedericoEmail: Federico.Castillo754F3 03external
Chatzigeorgiou, GeorgianaEmail: Georgiana.Chatzigeorgiou960F2 08group, external
Ciaglia, Florio MariaEmail: Florio.Ciaglia532A3 08group
Clozeau, NicolasEmail: Nicolas.Clozeau666---- 
Combe, NoémieEmail: Noemie.Combe775F3 11group, external
Davies, IsobelEmail: Isobel.Davies811G3 04external
De Groote, CédricEmail: Cedric.Degroote635C3 10external
Dejaco, AlexanderEmail: Alexander.Dejaco603C3 01 
Di Nocera, FabioEmail: Fabio.Di522A3 05 
Duarte Gelvez, Eliana MariaEmail: Eliana.Duarte666----group, personal, external
Duch, PawełEmail: Pawel.Duch955F2 05 
Ehsani, MasudEmail: Masud.Ehsani575B3 09 
Eidi, MarziehEmail: Marzieh.Eidi516B3 09 
Eikemeier, ChristophEmail: Christoph.Eikemeier832G2 02personal
Eisenmann, HenrikEmail: Henrik.Eisenmann769F3 07group
Endler, ThomasEmail: Thomas.Endler642C3 05 
Farzam, AmirhosseinEmail: Amirhossein.Farzam541A3 10 
Fevola, ClaudiaEmail: Claudia.Fevola763F3 06group, personal
Fife, TaraEmail: Tara.Fife756F3 04external
Finis, TobiasEmail: Tobias.Finis666---- 
Födisch, ChristinaEmail: Christina.Foedisch708E3 02 
Frigeri, GiovanniEmail: Giovanni.Frigeri838G2 05 
Gaisbauer, FelixEmail: Felix.Gaisbauer523A3 05 
Geiß, DanielEmail: Daniel.Geiss841G2 06 
Gess, BenjaminEmail: Benjamin.Gess954F2 04external
Görgen, ChristianeEmail: Christiane.Goergen780F3 12external
Gregor, JanaEmail: Jana.Gregor650C3 09 
Grötzsch, UlrikeEmail: Ulrike.Groetzsch654D3 01 
Gutzschebauch, SaskiaEmail: Saskia.Gutzschebauch752F3 02group
Gvalani, RishabhEmail: Rishabh.Gvalani735E2 07personal, external
Hackbusch, WolfgangEmail: Wolfgang.Hackbusch827G3 09 
Hahn, Marvin AnasEmail: Marvin.Hahn768F3 07external
Hatton, Ian A.Email: Ian.Hatton631C3 10 
Heaton, AlexanderEmail: Alexander.Heaton774F3 10external
Heid, KatjaEmail: Katja.Heid951F2 02 
Heine, PaulEmail: Paul.Heine644C3 05 
Heller, OliverEmail: Oliver.Heller605C3 02personal
Hirsch, JonasEmail: Jonas.Hirsch666---- 
Hollands, StefanEmail: Stefan.Hollands8022G3 02 
Hruška, DavidEmail: David.Hruska666---- 
Hünniger, ValeriaEmail: Valeria.Huenniger663D3 05a 
Iuliano, ClaudioEmail: Claudio.Iuliano5616B3 05 
Jiang, ShuhanEmail: Shuhan.Jiang571B3 08 
Jin, Zhi-XiangEmail: Zhi-Xiang.Jin863G4 05 
Joharinad, ParvanehEmail: Parvaneh.JohariNad666---- 
Jost, JürgenEmail: Juergen.Jost550B3 01group
Joswig, MichaelEmail: Michael.Joswig828G3 09group, external
Kazmin, StanislavEmail: Stanislav.Kazmin845G2 10 
Keiner, FlorianEmail: Florian.Keiner694D3 06 
Keneshlou, HaniehEmail: Hanieh.Keneshlou766F3 06personal, external
Khoromskaia, VeneraEmail: Venera.Khoromskaia727E2 04personal
Khoromskij, BorisEmail: Boris.Khoromskij725E2 04personal
Kirchheim, BerndEmail: Bernd.Kirchheim8041G3 02 
Kirstein, MarkEmail: Mark.Kirstein514A3 03external
Klar, AndréEmail: Andre.Klar643C3 05external
Kleinrensing, RainerEmail: Kleinrensing608C3 03 
Konarovskyi, VitaliiEmail: Vitalii.Konarovskyi666---- 
Kriemann, RonaldEmail: Ronald.Kriemann660D3 04 
Krupa, Sam G.Email: Sam.Krupa971F2 14external
Kühne, LukasEmail: Lukas.Kuhne766F3 06personal, external
Kunick, FlorianEmail: Florian.Kunick976F2 10 
Kunkel, VanessaEmail: Vanessa.Kunkel616D3 02 
Kurpicz, FionaEmail: Fiona.Kurpicz729G2 07 
Kurpjuweit, PatrickEmail: Patrick.Kurpjuweit693D3 06 
Langer, CarlottaEmail: Carlotta.Langer545A3 06 
Leal, WilmerEmail: Wilmer.Leal602C3 01 
Lehn, ChristianEmail: Christian.Lehn8024G3 02 
Lehnert, JörgEmail: Joerg.Lehnert641C3 04 
Li-Jost, XianqingEmail: Xianqing.Li-Jost556B3 03 
Linares, PabloEmail: Pablo.Linares965F2 10 
Lindner, GertEmail: Gert.Lindner669D3 11 
Luckhaus, StephanEmail: Stephan.Luckhaus844G2 09 
Luu, Hoang DucEmail: Duc.Luu535A3 09group, personal
Mandelshtam, YelenaEmail: Yelena.Mandelshtam812G3 04external
Maraj, AidaEmail: Aida.Maraj772F3 10external
Matveev, RostislavEmail: Rostislav.Matveev518A3 04 
Meroni, ChiaraEmail: Chiara.Meroni761F3 05external, external
Messow, VincentEmail: Vincent.Messow521A3 05 
Modena, StefanoEmail: Stefano.Modena666---- 
Montúfar, GuidoEmail: Guido.Montufar880G4 11personal
Morys, VerenaEmail: Verena.Morys705E3 02 
Müller, JohannesEmail: Johannes.Mueller885G4 13 
Münch, FlorentinEmail: Florentin.Muench566B3 06 
Neukamm, StefanEmail: Stefan.Neukamm792F3 16personal
Neuß, MariusEmail: Marius.Neuss964F2 10 
Nguyen, QuynhEmail: Quynh.Nguyen876G4 10 
Nicklasson, LisaEmail: Lisa.Nicklasson784F3 13group
Nono Saha, Cyrille MerleauEmail: Cyrille.Nono548A3 07 
Oberhauser, VincentEmail: Vincent.Oberhauser676C3 10 
Olbrich, EckehardEmail: Eckehard.Olbrich568B3 04group, personal
Otto, FelixEmail: Felix.Otto950F2 01group
Pallagi, LauraEmail: Laura.Pallagi666D3 12 
Passegger, Albert GeorgEmail: Albert.Passegger835G2 03personal
Pertinand, JulesEmail: Jules.Pertinand666---- 
Pfeffer, MaxEmail: Max.Pfeffer666----group
Poppe, StephanEmail: Stephan.Poppe538A3 10group
Pournaki, ArminEmail: Armin.Pournaki574B3 09 
Prodhomme, MaximeEmail: Maxime.Prodhomme666---- 
Puder, KennyEmail: Kenny.Puder653D3 09 
Rackwitz, HeikeEmail: gprog671D3 07 
Rademacher, Hans-BertEmail: Hans-Bert.Rademacher666---- 
Raita, BogdanEmail: Bogdan.Raita969F2 13 
Rauh, JohannesEmail: Johannes.Rauh5612B3 05personal
Restrepo, GuillermoEmail: Guillermo.Restrepo601C3 01group, personal
Rezagholi, SharwinEmail: Sharwin.Rezagholi539A3 10personal
Ried, SandraEmail: Sandra.Ried666---- 
Ried, TobiasEmail: Tobias.Ried959F2 07external
Rodríguez Fernández, Angel EduardoEmail: Angel.Rodriguez848G2 11 
Rohrig, FlorianEmail: Florian.Rohrig691D3 06 
Rudzik, DietmarEmail: Dietmar.Rudzik657D3 03 
Salahshour Mehmandoust Olia, MohammadEmail: Mohammad.Salahshour525A3 11 
Samal, AreejitEmail: Areejit.Samal5617B3 05 
Sapozhnikov, ArtemEmail: Artem.Sapozhnikov733E2 06personal
Sattelberger, Anna-LauraEmail: anna-laura.sattelberger821G3 07group, external
Sattig, GabrielEmail: Gabriel.Sattig837G2 03 
Sauer, JonasEmail: Jonas.Sauer958F2 06group
Sayyary Namin, MahsaEmail: Mahsa.Sayyary761F3 05group, external
Schaller, DavidEmail: David.Schaller580B3 07 
Schenzel, PeterEmail: Peter.Schenzel666----external
Schinke, HeikoEmail: Heiko.Schinke692D3 06personal, external
Schliewe, DanielEmail: Daniel.Schliewe842G2 07 
Schneemann, BrittaEmail: Britta.Schneemann704E3 01 
Schneider, AnnelieEmail: Annelie.Schneider674D3 05b 
Scholl, CarolinEmail: Carolin.Scholl666---- 
Scholz, KatrinEmail: Katrin.Scholz651D3 08 
Schönfelder, JensEmail: Jens.Schoenfelder668D3 11 
Schwarz, MatthiasEmail: Matthias.Schwarz882G4 12 
Seemann, Carsten RudolfEmail: Carsten.Seemann581B3 07personal, external
Sevenheck, ChristianEmail: Christian.Sevenheck8042G3 02external
Sinn, RainerEmail: Rainer.Sinn8026G3 02 
Smerlak, MatteoEmail: Matteo.Smerlak546A3 12 
Stadler, Peter F.Email: Peter.Stadler558B3 07external
Stadler, Bärbel M. R.Email: Baerbel.Stadler578A3 08 
Stanojkovski, MimaEmail: Mima.Stanojkovski783F3 13group
Stegemeyer, MaximilianEmail: Maximilian.Stegemeyer576B3 09 
Stevens, AngelaEmail: Angela.Stevens875G4 09 
Stinson, CaedynEmail: Caedyn.Stinson5618B3 05 
Sturmfels, BerndEmail: Bernd.Sturmfels750F3 01external
Székelyhidi, LászlóEmail: Laszlo.Szekelyhidi8023G3 02 
Telen, SimonEmail: Simon.Telen774F3 10external
Tempelmayr, MarkusEmail: Markus.Tempelmayr972F2 15 
Thom, Andreas BertholdEmail: Andreas.Thom8021G3 02 
Toomani, VahidEmail: Vahid.Toomani839G2 05 
Tsatsoulis, PavlosEmail: Pavlos.Tsatsoulis957F2 05personal
Tseran, HannaEmail: Hanna.Tseran881G4 13 
Uschmajew, AndréEmail: uschmajew824G3 08group
Vandenberg, AntjeEmail: Antje.Vandenberg552B3 02 
Varady, Csongor-HubaEmail: Csongor.Varady666---- 
Vater, PaulEmail: Paul.Vater816G3 05personal
Verch, RainerEmail: Rainer.Verch8043G3 02 
Vodička, MartinEmail: Martin.Vodicka790F3 15 
von Renesse, MaxEmail: Max.von.Renesse8044G3 02 
Wang, YuguangEmail: Yuguang.Wang850G4 01external
Wenzel, WalterEmail: Walter.Wenzel544A3 11 
Winter, RosaEmail: Rosa.Winter806G3 03personal
Wójcik, AleksandraEmail: Aleksandra.Wojcik674D3 05b 
Yamshchikov, IvanEmail: Ivan.Yamshchikov515A3 03personal
Yaroslavtsev, IvanEmail: Ivan.Yaroslavtsev970F2 13 
Zadorin, AntonEmail: Anton.Zadorin531A3 08 
Zemas, KonstantinosEmail: Konstantinos.Zemas840G2 05 
Zhang, DongEmail: Dong.Zhang852G4 02 
Zhao, PengchengEmail: Pengcheng.Zhao604C3 02personal
Zhu, JingyongEmail: Jingyong.Zhu870G4 07 
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