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Welcome to the MPI MiS

Fundamental questions arising from natural and engineering sciences and economics have always inspired mathematicians to search for new mathematical structures and methods. The interaction between mathematics and the sciences forms the central point of research at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences (MiS) in Leipzig.

With polytopes to an excellent dissertation (26.05.2023)

Marie-Charlotte Brandenburg successfully completed her doctorate on the “Tropical Positivity and Semialgebraic Sets from Polytopes”. She will remain at the MPI as a postdoc in the Math Machine Learning Group. Heartfelt congratulations!

Learn more about Marie's research and career >>>

Inaugural Colloquium of the Center for Mathematical Physics (25.05.2023)

Massimiliano Gubinelli from the University of Oxford gave the first colloquium talk of the recently founded Center for Mathematical Physics in Leipzig. With over 130 scientists in attendance, Gubinelli highlighted new directions and open problems in stochastic analysis.

Find out more about the vision and the people behind this initiative of MiS and the University of Leipzig >>>



  • Florio Maria Ciaglia (26.05.)
  • Rochan Das (24.05.)
  • Andrea Luppi (23.05.)
  • Raluca Vlad (19.05.)

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Recent results

  • Celik, T. #. ; Fairchild, S. and Y. Mandelshtam: Crossing the transcendental divide : from translation surfaces to algebraic curves. [link]
  • Seemann, J. I. and G. Restrepo: The uncertain role of nominations for the Nobel Prize in chemistry. [link]
  • Pournaki, A. ; Olbrich, E. ; Banisch, S. and K. Klemm: Order-disorder transition in the zero-temperature Ising model on random graphs. [link]
  • Guo, M.-L. ; Liang, J.-M. ; Li, B. ; Fei, S.-M. and Z.-X. Wang: Bounds on positive operator-valued measure based coherence of superposition. [link]
  • Kolberg, T. ; Löhneysen, S. v. ; Ozerova, I. ; Weller, K. ; Hartmann, R. K. ; Stadler, P. F. and M. Mörl: Led-Seq : ligation-enhanced double-end sequence-based structure analysis of RNA. [link]
  • Joharinad, P. and J. Jost: Geometry of data. [link]
  • Yamakou, M. E. ; Desroches, M. and S. Rodrigues: Synchronization in STDP-driven memristive neural networks with time-varying topology. [link]
  • Alessandrini, D. ; Maloni, S. ; Tholozan, N. and A. Wienhard: Fiber bundles associated with Anosov representations. [link]
  • Jaramillo-Velez, D. and L. Seccia: Connected domination in graphs and v-numbers of binomial edge ideals. [link]
  • Wei, Y. ; Mukherjee, S. and X. L. Nguyen: Minimum \(\Phi\)-distance estimators for finite mixing measures. [link]
  • Kolaitis, P. G. ; Romashchenko, A. ; Studeny, M. ; Suciu, D. and T. Boege: Algorithmic aspects of information theory : Dagstuhl Seminar 22301. [link]
  • Yao, H.-T. ; Lorenz, R. ; Hofacker, I. L. and P. F. Stadler: Salt corrections for RNA secondary structures in the ViennaRNA package. [link]
  • more recent papers >>>

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