Abstract for the talk at 09.10.2012 (15:15 h)

Oberseminar ANALYSIS
Barbara Niethammer (Universität Bonn, HCM)
Phase transitions in a nonlocal Fokker-Planck equation with multiple time scales
Many-particle storage systems can be modelled by a nonlocal Fokker-Planck equation that describes energy minimisation in a double well-potential, involves two small parameters and is driven by a time-dependent constraint. The dynamics takes place on three different time scales and can produce several types of hysteretic or non-hysterectic phase transitions. Formal asymptotic analysis allows to derive reduced dynamical models for different small-parameter limits. In this talk we in particular discuss the fast-reaction regime that is governed by Kramer's formula, and also indicate how the limit procedure can be made rigorous This is joint work with Michael Herrmann and Juan Velazquez.


01.03.2017, 13:57