Abstract for the talk on 11.06.2019 (17:00 h)

Colloquium of the Faculty of Physics and Geosciences

Stefanie Kroker (TU Braunschweig)
Fluctuations in High-Precision Experiments – Material Aspects, Modeling and Mitigation

Thermal fluctuations play a crucial role for the ultimate sensitivity of instruments in highprecision

optical metrology such gravitational wave detectors or ultra-stable laser

cavities. The fluctuations in these optical systems result from the complex interplay of

dissipation processes and optical fields. Particularly critical is thermal noise, for instance

caused by the thermally driven motion of the atoms in the solid. In this lecture we

introduce relevant noise mechanisms and discuss their coupling to the readout of the

experiments. We illustrate that by a deliberate spatial distribution of optical and

mechanical fields the readout of thermal noise can be minimized. To this end, optical

micro-and nanostructures are promising to outperform conventional multilayer based

optics by several orders of magnitude. This lays the foundation for gravitational wave

astronomy and laser spectroscopy with unprecedented precision.


13.06.2019, 02:30