Abstract for the talk on 11.02.2021 (17:00 h)

Webinar “Analysis, Quantum Fields, and Probability”

Laszlo Erdös
Eigenstate thermalisation hypothesis and functional CLT for Wigner matrices

We prove that any deterministic matrix is approximately the identity in the eigenbasis of a large random Wigner matrix W with an optimal error inversely proportional to the square root of the dimension. This verifies a strong form of Quantum Unique Ergodicity with an optimal convergence rate and we also prove Gaussian fluctuations

around this convergence after a small spectral averaging. This requires to extend the classical CLT for linear eigenvalue statistics, Tr f(W), to include a deterministic matrix A and we identify three different modes of fluctuation for Tr f(W)A in the entire mesoscpic regime. The key technical tool is a new multi-resolvent local law for Wigner ensemble.

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18.10.2021, 14:54