Abstract for the talk on 22.04.2021 (15:15 h)

Leipzig seminar on Algebra, Algebraic Geometry and Algebraic Topology

Pedro Tamaroff (MPI MIS, Leipzig)
The Diamond Lemma through homotopical algebra
22.04.2021, 15:15 h, only video broadcast

The Diamond Lemma is a result indispensable to those studying associative (and other types of) algebras defined by generators and relations. In this talk, I will explain how to obtain a new approach to this celebrated result through the homotopical algebra of associative algebras: we will see how every multigraded resolution of a monomial algebra leads to "its own" Diamond Lemma, which is hard-coded into the Maurer-Cartan equation of its tangent complex. For the reader familiar with homotopical algebra, we hope to provide a conceptual explanation of a very useful but perhaps technical result that guarantees uniqueness of normal forms through the analysis of "overlapping ambiguities". For a reader familiar with Gröbner bases or term rewriting theory, we hope to offer some intuition behind the Diamond Lemma and at the same time a framework to generalize it to other algebraic structures and optimise it. This is joint work with Vladimir Dotsenko (arXiv:2010.14792).

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13.04.2021, 13:23