Abstract for the talk on 28.09.2016 (14:45 h)

Seminar on Non-Linear Algebra

Bernd Sturmfels (University of California, Berkeley)
Cameras and their Distortions

We discuss two current projects at the interface of computer vision and algebraic geometry. Work with Joe Kileel, Zuzana Kukelov and Tomas Pajdla introduces the distortion varieties of a given projective variety. These are parametrized by duplicating coordinates and multiplying them with monomials. We study their degrees and defining equations. Exact formulas are obtained for the case of one-parameter distortions, the case of most interest for modeling cameras with image distortion. Work with Jean Ponce and Matthew Trager develops multi-view geometry for algebraic cameras that are represented by congruences in the Grassmannian of lines in 3-space.


01.03.2017, 13:57