Abstract for the talk on 06.11.2018 (17:00 h)

Colloquium of the Faculty of Physics and Geosciences

Sebastian Staacks (RWTH Aachen University)
Phyphox: Using Your Smartphone as a Physics Lab

A smartphone can be a fascinating measuring instrument. It features a wide range


sensors like an accelerometer, a magnetometer or a gyroscope. Ranging from

demonstration experiments with data acquisition to individual experimentation for

hundreds of students in a large course, these sensors can be used in physics education

to discov

er the world of physics with a familiar tool. Readily available tools can be used

to construct a pendulum, measure centrifugal acceleration in a salad spinner or

determine the speed of sound with just two smartphone.

In this colloquium, the developer of t

he free app "phyphox" from the RWTH Aachen

University will demonstrate its possibilities in several experiments. New features will be

shown along with advanced interfaces to integrate phyphox with your own projects


08.11.2018, 02:30