Abstract for the talk on 14.04.2020 (18:20 h)

Nonlinear Algebra Seminar Online (NASO)

Balazs Szendroi (University of Oxford)
The punctual Hilbert scheme of 4 points in affine 3-space via computer algebra and representation theory
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The n-th punctual Hilbert scheme \(Hilb^n_0(A^d)\) of points of affine d-space parametrises ideals of finite co-length n of the ring of functions on d-dimensional affine space, whose radical is the maximal ideal at the origin (equivalently, subschemes of length n with support at the origin). A classical theorem of Briancon claims the irreducibility of this space for d=2 and arbitrary n. The case of a small number of points being straightforward, the first nontrivial case is the case of 4 points in 3-space. We show, answering a question of Sturmfels, that over the complex numbers \(Hilb^4_0(A^3)\) is irreducible. We use a combination of arguments from computer algebra and representation theory.


01.03.2021, 16:43