Abstract for the talk on 28.04.2020 (17:40 h)

Nonlinear Algebra Seminar Online (NASO)

Arthur Bik (Universität Bern)
Polynomial functors as affine spaces
See the video of this talk.

Polynomial functors are like spaces of objects (e.g. k-way tensors) without fixed size and come with an action of (products of) general linear groups. The aim of this talk is to answer the following question: what happens when you replace vector spaces by polynomial functors when defining affine spaces?

I will define polynomial functors, the maps between them and their Zariski-closed subsets and give examples of these things. Then, I will discuss how to extend some of the basic results from affine algebraic geometry to this setting. This is joint work with Jan Draisma, Rob Eggermont and Andrew Snowden.


01.03.2021, 16:43