Abstract for the talk on 13.06.2023 (15:00 h)

Group Seminar

Frank Schweitzer (ETH Zürich, Department of Management, Technology, and Economics, Switzerland)
Sociophysics: What can we know? What must we do? What may we hope?
13.06.2023, 15:00 h, MPI für Mathematik in den Naturwissenschaften Leipzig, A3 01 (Sophus-Lie room)

The three questions originally proposed by Immanuel Kant are used to reflect about the aims and scope of sociophysics. We start from the historical perspective, to highlight recent contributions from physics for a better understanding of social systems. This is followed by a critical attempt what is missing in these contributions. The main part of the talk illustrates current developments in sociophysics, with an emphasis on our own work, to analyze, simulate, and influence social systems.

Literature: Frank Schweitzer, Sociophysics, Physics Today vol. 71, issue 2, pp. 40-46 (2018)

Free download: doi.org/10.1063/PT.3.3845


12.05.2023, 13:09