Abstract for the talk on 17.06.2022 (10:00 h)

Mathematical Software Seminar

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Mathematical Software: How to get started
17.06.2022, 10:00 h, MPI für Mathematik in den Naturwissenschaften Leipzig, E1 05 (Leibniz-Saal)

We offer an introduction to the mathematical software and computing facilities which you have at your disposal at the MPI-MiS. The goal of this tutorial is to enable you to take full advantage of the equipment and make collaborating with your colleagues as seamless as possible.

This event is organized by Tobias Boege, Ronald Kriemann and Javier Sendra.

Physical attendance in seminars is restricted to 25 participants.
If you want to attend this talk, you need to register in advance. Registration will be open starting seven days before the seminar and registrations will be accepted on first come, first served basis. External participants from Leipzig University need to fill in their name, address, email, and phone number.
Please also check our general Corona rules page. Participants must wear a face mask, and they are encouraged to use the corona rapid tests made available by the institute.

11.05.2022, 11:22