Abstract for the talk on 30.06.2022 (09:00 h)

SAXAG seminar

Leonid Monin (MPI MiS, Leipzig)
Toric bundles
30.06.2022, 09:00 h, TU Chemnitz (Weinhold Bau), Lecture Hall 2/W038 (new: C25.038)

Toric bundles are certain fiber bundles with toric variety as fibers. Classical toric

varieties admit a combinatorial description via fans. In my talk I will give a similar

description of toric bundles and will show how one can use it to get some geometric

and topological information about them. In particular, I will describe the intersection

theory of toric bundles, and will present the combinatorial criterion for a toric bundle

to be Fano. Please register with Christian Lehn. Corona restrictions at TU Chemnitz require a proof according to 3G-rule as well as wearing a FFP2 mask during the talk.


24.06.2022, 11:17